Global Superstore Analysis

How are profits fairing in the 50 United States?

Most states' profits are fairing well. There are a few who currently have negative profits. Overall, profits look good.

Pick a state that has high profits. Describe how the state is fairing by profit.

California has very high profits. They are the leading state with a total of $76,381. Accessories, Binders and Paper are major contributors.

How are profits within that state doing for each product category?

The profits for each of the categories are posotive. Profits for Office Supplies and Technology are substantiallt higher than for Furniture.

For the most profitable product category in that state, what do we forecast in terms of quantity of sales (not revenue or profit) through November 2015? Pick a state with enough data for a forecast

Office Supplies are the most profitable category in California. The forcast looks pretty nornal, but looks like the profits may have less variation throughout the year.